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The year is definitely turning to fall, as temps last night and tonight were low enough for the first patchy frost in the valleys. Another year gone, and the Ozarks Symposium has this time offered for sale the first publication of the Elder Mountain Journal, with thanks to Susie and me for letting them use the name of our press, Elder Mountain. I’ll send copies to her family, who still grieves for her, as do I. Time passes and the hurt becomes washed with the sweetness of memories. We do not forget, but there is less pain in remembering. I have finished the project that she and I worked on, and am looking for an agent who will attempt to market it. Other projects beckon, and I am trying to decide how to stack the queue. In other words, what’s next? I could finish the piece on Dauphin Island plants, or do more work on the Don story. Then there’s the commemorative for the Ozark Café. Most of those at the symposium wanted to know when I’d finish the book on Butterfield, now that I’m telling the stories piecemeal. Good questions. No answers yet. Evidently I’m waiting for a sign.


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